18 Fitness Quotes To Keep You Motivated And Inspired

We all need a little motivation each day to inspire us to be our best and to breakthrough barriers that have been holding us back.

1. Taking care of your self physically and mentally each day will make you a better you in your future. If you started 6 months ago just think of how good you would look and feel today! So start today to a better you!

2. So very true. We are what we eat.

So let’s eat healthy to give our bodies the nutrition it needs to be stronger, healthier and to heal.

3. We all need to remind ourselves why we started. Too often we start all excited about our program then life gets busy and we lose the reason why we started and feel like quitting.

Post on your bathroom mirror your goals and why you are doing it. A daily reminder to re-motivate yourself and know that all your hard work will pay off!

4. Lack of movement or exercise can cause aches and pains within our bodies.

Some muscles become weak and underused while others become tight and overused creating an imbalance that causes pain, stiffness and restriction in our mobility.

A balanced workout program including strength, cardio and flexibility makes for better body movement.

If you are not sure of what to do or what muscles need the attention seek out the expertise of a Personal Trainer or Physiothearapist.

5. Need I say more😊

6. Sorry but had to triple up on this one  ❤️

Rid yourself of negative thoughts change a negative to a positive. Look for the good.

Think positive and you will attract positive.

7. Compete with no one else but yourself. Be a better person today then you were yesterday.


8. I know it can be tough in the beginning to start and keep with a fitness program. Trust me if you stick with it the amazing results that you will feel both physically and mentally are WORTH the effort.

9. Being fit does not mean being thin. You can be a larger healthy/fit person.

There are thin women who are not fit and healthy at all.

Being healthy and fit means being strong, feeding your body with healthy food, nurturing your mind and emotional health.

STOP trying to look like the magazine covers you see! Focus on YOUR PERSONAL BEST! Being the best you can be!

Doing something is better then doing nothing!


 I like this quote because it is something I find really works for me. I put my music on and just keep moving from one exercise, or yoga pose, or stretch…. or dance move…  to the other until my playlist is done

Find yourself some good motivational music that is energetic and makes you want to move.

I love motivational quotes especially on days where I find it a struggle to get myself moving

 I post them on my mirror and fridge. I find this really helps me on a daily basis.


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