Young mother with cute daughter doing a yoga pose together. 8 healthy habits every busy mom should be doing
Young mother with cute daughter doing a yoga pose together. 8 healthy habits every busy mom should be doing

8 Healthy Habits Every Busy Mom Should Be Doing Daily

Young mom doing downward facing dog yoga pose with her toddler on a black yoga mat in her house

Reasons why moms need a break.

If you ask any mom “how’s it going?” you are more then likely to get the answer BUSY!”.

Mom’s have hectic schedules and if you are a working mom outside of the home that just adds to the craziness of your life.

I know first hand what it is like to be a busy working mom and how easy it is to put yourself on the back burner.

It seems all too easy to put your name at the bottom of the list when in reality for everyone to benefit we should be the first on that list.

My daughter is a flight attendant and part of their pre-flight announcement is that if the Oxygen mask was to drop that as the adult, mom, caregiver we are to put our air mask on FIRST before we help our kids or anyone else in our care.

Female flight attendant dressed in red demonstrating how to use air mask on air plane

I thought about this and put that same thinking to our daily lives. We need to take care of ourselves first before we can be of benefit for the rest of our family.

Busy mother searching in bag as she holds two other bags, a coffee mug, and a baby bottle

By taking care of ourselves we are also a great example for our children to follow. They watch and will learn and take this into their adult lives.


Taking care of ourselves helps decrease our stress levels and helps us deal with the day to day hectic routines and anything else that is thrown our way.

We can then think more clearly. Feeling strong both physically and mentally.

Group of young people high fiving each other

Make sure you let your partner, friends and family know the importance of this. This will help to build a support system.

I remember many times when I felt overwhelmed and too busy… my husband could see it too.. he would say “Hey Susan, why not take time and go for your run, I will handle the kids”

… this was huge for me and WHAT A DIFFERENCE in how I felt… I would feel rejuvenated and felt like I could tackle anything!

IF MOM FEELS GOOD……. Everybody benefits!

Here are some tips to follow:


Give yourself a personal timeout 🙂 Take time to relax in a bath, or mediate. Read a book or book a massage. 

Or just have some chill time on your own. This helps us both mentally and emotionally…. Gives us the time to rejuvenate and re-charge our batteries.

Young woman smiling lying in bath tub with rose petals on her

Block the time off for you! Plan it, write it down in your daytimer. Yes things crop up and your plan may go by the wayside but be flexible and adjust (we mom’s tend to be great jugglers).. so we don’t get lost in the shuffle of life.

Collection of healthy carbohydrates like vegetables, fruits, and grains


If you eat well you will feel the benefits with more energy. Yes it can also help with disease prevention and managing your weight but also shows up in how your skin and hair looks.

What it also does is teach our children good eating habits by being an example which is another way we take care of the family.

Having quick healthy snacks to grab along the way to the next appointment, soccer practice etc… helps with keeping on track without the fast food easy cycle we can get caught up in.


The benefits you will personally gain through exercising are huge.

Whether you go to a yoga class, go to the gym or do your routine at home your body will increase in strength, subtleness and improve your posture.

10 minutes here and there throughout the day, or a quick 30 minute circuit will do the trick.

Holding the baby in your arms, or the toddler on your hip, picking things up, dodging toys can all create muscle imbalances that can affect how our bodies function and lead to low back, muscle and joint pain. 

Exercise is a great way to keep our posture and alignment correct and muscles strong to deal with the daily grind it is put through… with or without kids.

Asian family smiling riding bikes together

You can also make this a family affair to teach your kids it’s importance.

Plan a family hike, or bike ride or go swimming… this not only is beneficial for everyone but tends to bring the family closer together.

And once again teaching your kids so that they will continue it with their families

When I was growing up Sundays were the “family outing day”.

I remember times when as a child /teenager that I did not feel like going… but once we were out and about wherever the adventure was taking us that day I always had fun, laughed and was glad I went.


Being dehydrated can zap our energy. Caffeinated drinks like coffee ,tea and pop dehydrate us. 

Drink your water. 64 oz per day. You can add lemon to it to give it some flavour if you find it too bland.

Stainless steel faucet pouring water into a clear glass

Don’t wait until you are thirsty as research shows by that time we are dehydrated already at the cellular level.


Part of taking care of yourself is also taking care of your relationships. I can’t say enough about the IMPORTANCE of keeping that bond and deepening your relationship especially when life seems so hectic.

You rely on each other and if you are not communicating and nurturing your relationship it can end up creating negative space between you. Just even going for a coffee… just re-connect.

My husband and I started years ago doing what we call our “coffee drive” (our kids were old enough to be on their own at this time).

Either on the Saturday or Sunday morning we would go and pick up a coffee and just drive around. It was a great way to be alone and re-connect after a busy week.

Group of young people sitting at a table drinking coffee and eating food laughing together


A coffee date with a friend or lunch out with a group of friends or even just a phone call (as maybe that is all you can fit in) reaps benefits for the body and mind.

It has been shown that people who feel more connected to others have lower rates of depression and anxiety.


Babies begin smiling in the first few weeks of life…. And laugh by 3 months of age. Humor and laughter can benefit you physically, mentally and socially.

A good belly laugh can improve oxygen flow to the heart and lower blood pressure as well as give your abdominals a good workout 🙂. It also can improve your mood and decrease anxiety giving you zest for life.


When we are grateful it leads to the feeling of content and happiness.

Take a moment when you wake up in the morning or laying in bed at night to think of all the things you are grateful for. This makes for a positive start of the day and/or a more restful content slip into sleep.

Being at the top of your list is NOT being selfish…. It is being selfless as you are taking care of yourself so that you can better take care of everyone else.


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