How To Boost Your Metabolism To Burn More Body Fat


Metabolism: Simply put.. the rate at which the body burns fuel. 

A Slow Metabolism leads to weight gain. If you have been struggling with controlling your weight, your metabolism may need a boost.

Following are some tips to help you keep your metabolism revved up, which in turn will turn your body into a fat burning machine!

*Train major muscle groups at least 3 – 4 times per week.

  • By working your muscles with resistance training you not only tone and shape your muscles but muscle burns more calories at rest.
  • This is especially important as we age and our metabolism naturally starts to slow down. But we can turn that around with resistance training.

*Stop Yo-Yo Dieting.

  • Low calorie diets put your body into a survival mode. In this state your body will hang onto fat because it doesn’t know when its next meal is coming.
  • Your metabolism slows down. A slow metabolism can lead to weight gain.  
  • And most of that weight lost from low calorie diets is from water and vital muscle tissue.

*Choose High Quality Foods.

Foods that are packed with lots of vitamins and minerals. We call these FULL Calories

*Exchange Simple Carbohydrates for Complex Carbohydrates.

Stay away from the sugars and lean towards more fruits and vegetables

*Eat Six Small Meals throughout the day.

  • When you eat smaller meals throughout the day this keeps your metabolism engine revving and burning calories constantly throughout the day (thermal effect of food).
  • Once you have figured out your daily caloric requirements, divide it by six to get the amount you would need per meal. 
  • Include lean protein such as chicken, turkey, egg whites, white fish or pork tenderloin.
  • Include a complex carbohydrate at every meal such as fruits and vegetables.

*Consume GOOD Fats.

Such as avacado, nuts, whole eggs, fatty fish (salmon, trout, mackerel, sardines and herring), Chia seeds, and even dark chocolate to name a few.

  • We do need fat in our diets to absorb fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.
  • It is a source of energy, helps with the proper function of nerves and our brain amongst other benefits
  • Consume EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids) that our bodies cannot produce on their own such as Flaxseed oil and unsaturated oils.

*Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

  • Drink 2 – 3 litres of water per day.
  • Your body is made up of 50 – 70% water
  • Don’t wait until you are thirsty, by that point you are dehydrated on the cellular level

*Supplement with a good quality vitamin / mineral.

  • This makes sure that we are not lacking in what our bodies need and are not getting in our diet. Kind of a safety net.
  • Protects against deficiencies and boosts the immune system.
  • Speak to a dietician/nutritionist about your personal needs.

*Spice up your foods

  • Eating spicy foods or adding spice to your foods such as cinnamon and turmeric have shown to help increase the metabolism

*Drink your coffee Black

  • The caffeine in coffee has shown to not only increase your metabolism but also keeps you alert
  • By raising blood levels of epinephrine (adrenaline), caffeine promotes the release of fatty acids from fat tissue.

*Ditch the soda!!

  • There are tons of studies showing the negative effects sodas can have on our bodies.
  • The sugar in soda, and other products will send your metabolism into a slow spiral downwards.
  • All simple sugars, refined sugars must be avoided in order to keep the metabolism revved and burning efficiently.

By following these simple steps you will take your metabolism from slow and sluggish to a revved up calorie burning machine!

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